Watching your kids grow from diapers into designer kids wear from Shaye Collezioni is just one of the many joys of a parent but how about taking steps to ensure that they start to appreciate their environment that bit more? How about helping them to understand why it is so important to practice preservation of the environment and appreciate more the sunshine that we take for granted?

We should never take light for granted. We should instead learn how to appreciate it more and understand the power of its tentacles. In everything that we do; from going out to work on a sunny day to helping our little girls to assemble their precious Barbie dollhouses, you would be surprised to learn how the power of light can play such an important part in our efforts.

On any given day, it is the amount of light that normally determines such things as our motivation, our determination, and our willingness to get up and go. The quality and amount of light most often determines the attitude of workers as they go about their daily duties. Workers in a warehouse facility to workers sitting at their computers. Workers who go out to work on a sun filled morning may probably have a healthier appetite for work than those who start work in the dark.

Someone may be more willing and ready to buy a home with large windows that let in the sunlight than a home where the windows are small. A restaurant with great lighting may be more apt to attract customers than one with poor lighting. A store that displays its merchandise under the bright lights would probably sell more than an establishment that is trying to save on its electricity.

Ask any worker and they would probably tell you that their preference would be to work under conditions of light rather under conditions of poor lighting. The response from an inspector would probably be the same as that from an electronic technician. We need to pay more attention to our light, ensure that carbon footprints are minimized, an show more appreciation for our environment.

So why not join the trend towards reducing our carbon footprints? Learn how to use light more to our advantage? Learn how to use light in order to improve our attitudes, our motivation, and our general outlook? Learn to love light!

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