People are looking for ways of extending their living space as much as possible. Developers are creating townhomes and condos that have more stories rather than building out and using more land. And people are taking advantage of their outdoor spaces by creating patios, decks, and other entertaining sites. If you're going to do some landscaping outside so that you can use it as a livable space than you're going to need to add some lighting. Different kinds will give off different effects to that area of your property.

The first choice is to make the lighting appear like you're still inside. You might have a covered patio with a few potted plants and just wish to illuminate the walkways on the side of your gardens. This is the best choice for those that don't care much about the view that they are getting outside at night and just want a bit of fresh air when they are entertaining friends or eating an evening meal on the patio. You might include some overhead lights that resemble those inside.

And then there are those that want to be able to see their garden while they are sitting on the deck or patio but know that they will not have much of a reason to go out to that part of the yard at night. You might string some lights through the trees of your yard to give it that fairytale look but don't have to add enough light to be able to see the ground. Some people might choose to light a trellis while others might have some lights in different flowerbeds that give off a soft glow.

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Lastly are those that want full use of their garden space throughout the evening. If you're having a barbecue or like to host a weekly event in your gazebo than you might need to think about adding some foot lights throughout the space and some additional lighting in areas where people are likely to be for extended periods of time. Like any other space in your home, your gardens will usually reflect your personal style tastes and there are many different ways to set up the lights to get a different feel. Some people want to use more modern geometric fixtures while others want to see the light but not always where exactly it is coming from.

When you're thinking of adding light to the garden you should approach it the way that you would any room inside your house. This means that you should start by thinking about what natural light is already coming into the space and what light you can't control, like streetlights. By observing these things you are sure to be able to create a space that is functional and beautiful.

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