You would think that major real estate developers that care only about the money they make off selling properties wouldn't care much for earth friendly building trends but even they have come around to the idea of using green building materials whenever the occasion arises.

That's just how much of an impact the 'Live Green' campaign has had in recent years on people of all walks of life. If someone has the opportunity to help make the world a better place to live in for current and future generations, as well as helping the environment out, be it by building a home with cork hardwood flooring instead of tiles or using paint with low or no VOCs (ask paint pros here about VOCs) on the walls of their home, then we should all be thankful.

Green buildings have been catching on recently because of their impact on the environment as well as the cost cutting measures that come with building and living in a green environment. The concept behind the green building construction initiative is quite simple and involves a home building process that's not only resource efficient but also environmentally responsible throughout the life-cycle of a home.

That could include such things as the designing of the green building itself, to the land the green building is built on, to the construction phase of green condo buildings, to the maintenance of the green home once it's ready to be lived in, any renovations that may take place over the course of the years such as installing energy efficient appliances or using green buildings materials that are low or non-toxic, and the potential demolition of green buildings that may occur.

While there are always new technologies developed to help create green buildings there will always be one objective and that is to create and build structures that will reduce their impact on the natural environment and human health, and that is done through three ways: efficient use of water, energy and other natural resources, protecting the health of the dweller, and reducing pollution, waste and environmental degradation.

All the way from the moment the green home plans are designed to the day the green building is torn down, there is an emphasis placed on the architects, engineers, developers and home owners to make the process of green building be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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