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It's pretty easy to just throw everything out in the trash, be it candy wrappers, bubble gum boxes, vegetable soup tin cans, old t-shirts that we've outgrown, etc. However, did you know that anything you were to potentially throw out could be repurposed and used in some other capacity? Well, it's true! Repurposing is the way to go instead of throwing something away when you're finished with it. Don't believe us? Fine, guess we'll just have to show you with examples just how useful repurposing is.

Those vegetable soup tin cans we mentioned earlier? Wash them out, peel off the labels and you have yourself a new pencil holder or utensil storage caddy! What about those pesky candy wrappers that tend to clutter up your nightstand table? Well, if you have a few of them you can twist them up, then tie them together and use them as twisty-ties for produce bags when you're grocery shopping. We bet that's something they don't teach you during your high school lessons or culinary school.

When it comes to items like paper towel rolls or empty milk cartons save them for your kids who can use them for art projects. Kids will turn anything into art so why not let them use the stuff you were just going to throw out anyway to help them express their creative and artistic side?

If you have a box full of unused clothing items you want to get rid of go through it to see if you have anything made out of leather that you can repurpose and turn into other cool items like binder covers, handbags or pillows and cushions! We could go on and on about repurposing and give you more repurposing projects that you could make out of such items as eggshells, juice boxes, empty tissue boxes or pencil shavings but then we'd be typing forever and our fingers can't handle such pressure.

Just know that now that you're aware of the benefits that come with repurposing items your new model should be "don't throw it away; repurpose it!" Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Let's hope that it catches on quickly and that instead of going to the landfill to get rid of unwanted items people decide to hold onto them for repurposing projects. If you want a ton of ideas on ways to bring new life to old things, head to the website Pinterest and do a search for "Repurposing".

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