When thinking about something like light, the concept of saving energy is inevitably going to come to mind. You might not be thinking about incorporating everything from LED lights to replacing all of the old appliances with new, but there are certainly some practices that you might consider adopting. One of those is the concept of reusing and recycling versus throwing things away.

It is said that the average person produced about 4.4 pounds of garbage a day. That is a staggering number when begin to realize that means 29 pounds in a week and more than 1600 pounds throughout the year. Think of how much comes out of the average condominium development or office building in that time. So, it makes sense that we would want to reduce these numbers as much as possible going into the next few years. If not, we are likely to run out of space for all of this trash in almost no time at all.

When you start to look around for places where you can reduce and recycle you're likely going to start in the kitchen. Think about how much packaging the products that you're using are coming in and what's done with it all when you're finished. When businesses are stocking up on the things that they need they often buy in bulk as much as possible to reduce the amount of packaging, shipping fees, and cost. There are many things that you could buy in bulk that you use around your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Another way to reduce garbage in the kitchen is by recycling when possible. Each city has a different list of the things that they accept in their recycling program and you need to make sure that you understand what you can put in the blue bin and what can't go in there quite yet. Also, those living in cities can take advantage of their city's composting program, if there is one. This means that you no longer need to throw organic materials in the trash. The compost soil is used for their garden beds outside the office.

There is a lot of reusing that can be done with many items throughout your home. You could use a take out container to hold your lunch the next day or could pick up an old door to turn into a coffee table. When you're designing a space you might want to think about unique items that could add something special to the design. You can also consider reducing when it comes to energy. There are many low wattage bulbs on the market today, as well as appliances with the Energy Star seal. Help us thank our sponsor by paying a visit to their website at Idealwarehouse.com.

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