If you took a look around your house right now and then had a flashback to what it looked like 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ago you'd be amazed at how different it looks and what items currently inhabit your home right now. What we want you to especially focus on is the technology and the gadgets that now are populated throughout your home. You probably own at least one piece of technology today that you didn't own years ago. The same can be said in the workplace. A busy Texas hair salon like the Beehive Salon uses computer calendars to book appointments a busy pool opening business in London like Atlantis Pools keep track of schedules. Before computers and it was all manual and hand-typed.

Technology has come so far over the years that it's almost downright impossible to believe it at times. The gadgets we own in our homes or offices can do what seemed unbelievable years ago. You can now record your favorite television shows on a device, the PVR, that doesn't require tapes to record on. Just think about how many VCR tapes are scattered throughout your house that are full of hours and hours of programs you taped off TV.

You can now check your e-mail or browse the internet on a cell phone, smartphone, or tablet. You don't have to wait to leave work and get home and turn on your old desktop computer that took minutes to connect to the internet to see if you got any e-mails to read. You can now do that within a matter of seconds on your phone. Isn't that crazy?

Before, if you had the best security cameras installed in and around your home and something happened while you were away you had to wait until the security company contacted you to let you know what happened. Now you can directly watch a live feed of the camera on your phone or computer while you're away from home.

Stay at home moms, teachers, kids, builders, banks, chefs, etc., have all benefited in some shape or form with all the new technology advancements we have at our fingertips. What we've seen happen in the world of technology up to this point in time is crazy but not as crazy as knowing that there will be some new advancement in technology tomorrow and the day after that, and so on. Technology will only continue to advance. Now, that's crazy.

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