When you're shopping for the products you use to clean your home or anything that contains a scent you're usually not immediately thinking about how that product will affect the quality of the air in terms of your health or the environment. But there are many scientific researchers that will tell you that you should be careful of the products that are used to make your home smell good and the perfume that you use on yourself before a date. Some of them may contain toxic fumes.

One of the worst things about cleaning products and things like laundry detergents is that you usually don't get a full list of the ingredients on the packaging of the products. This means that you don't really know what sort of chemicals and toxins you might be bringing into your place. Even the products that are described as being unscented can still have the same harsh elements that are being added to the air. This is why you should never buy something when you don't fully understand what it is and what goes into making it.

There are also those products that are perfectly harmless on their own but cause an issue when you mix them with other things. One of the most common combinations that people accidentally make is ammonia with bleach. While you might think that this would create cleaner that you can use at home that is as strong as those that are used to clean biohazards and factory floors, the truth is that this combination releases chloramine gas into the air. Exposure to this gas can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat and can even make it difficult to breathe. Only a few breaths in of this gas can cause you to have these symptoms for several hours or even a whole day. Bleach also cannot be added to any product that contains acid. Be sure to contact experts to discuss water treatment and the safety of drinking water, or you can ask Cleantekwater.com.

If you're planning to use any products that you think might be a problem within your home then you should make sure that you're using the proper equipment to deal with the fumes that could be released into the air. While it would be better to not deal with these products at all, that might not be possible if you're working in nursing homes or you're someone who works as a cleaner. Wear the proper protection over your mouth and nose and stay as far away from the potential fumes whenever possible. While this will not help the environment much it will certainly be better for your overall health. This is until you can find some safe alternatives to use that are also less harmful for your environment.

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